Episode 43

Raising A Defiant Child Into An Exceptional Leader — with Ginny Luther

This is SUCH an inspirational episode!! Full of a mother’s journey from reactive to responsive parenting and how that shaped her son, their family, and ultimately her son’s legacy after his passing at age 24. Join Caley and Ginny as they discuss her upcoming book: “Blue Star Grit: A Mother’s Journey Of Triumph and Tragedy Raising a Defiant Child Into An Exceptional Leader”

Ginny Luther is a highly sought-after parenting coach, specializing in Conscious Discipline and Brain Smart Strategies.

You can learn more about Ginny and sign-up for her book release at: https://ginnyluther.com/

For more information about Caley Kukla, visit www.caleykukla.com.

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Caley Kukla

Caley earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Florida. For the past 12 years, she has worked in a variety of roles to serve families including preschool teacher, early interventionist, behavior therapist, and now a private consultant and podcaster.

Her most recent professional development includes Conscious Discipline™, The Play Project ™, and training with Dr. Ross Greene on his Collaborative Problem-Solving approach. Caley grounds her work in the most up-to-date neuropsychology, Attachment Theory, and developmentally appropriate practices that value the parent-child relationship over compliance. 

Caley empowers parents to understand children’s behavior through brain science and empathy by translating children’s behavior into easy-to-follow steps. In between translating brain science to practical tips for parents, Caley raises her two boys with her husband in South Florida. She works out daily and loves the ocean, naps, and coffee.